Brian Allen

Brian Allen AKAICE” his story..

He comes from OHIO.… a farm­ing com­mu­nity , has had a fam­ily owned a hard­ware store his whole life..vacationed in the area for years finally moved here and started his life and recently kick started it in a way that is the real ICE we know and love. He has an amaz­ing women in his life…enough said she rocks and loves guy stuff.   ICE is cur­rently one of the race ambas­sadors and start flag­ger for the snow cross series here in Michi­gan and crews for the BCR Vin­tage race car team over the sum­mer months. Works very hard and is great pilot , also loves to cruise with his honey on his kick ass Harley…

This is ICE .…a one of a kind awe­some human being.

He now resides in Col­orado work­ing as a man­ager in a warehouse.