Milo [mascot]


I love Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa…

I live in the best home a boy like me could ever bark for. I espe­cially love when it’s time to chase the bucket lid in the woods. I look for­ward to this every day. I don’t like Black dogs much…it’s a long story. I really love to go to Grandma’s house — they treat me to a slice of heaven every time I go over to visit.…… JOYRUFF

I sleep…go at 150 % when awake… then poop…then play even harder and  faster…then I sleep again.… This is my life as the boy.…boy Milo. I was saved from the nee­dle in 2009  and given a new life… I was given up by a fam­ily that did not under­stand how awe­some I really am.. this is why I love every one so much..especially Mom and Dad.

See you at the track.…..RUFF RUFF :)

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